Always a leader in the sector, Busnelli is constantly engaged in the production of upholstered of high quality, tailored made in Italy. Busnelli interprets the Italian style of living enhancing the space with objects protagonists evolving both the design and technology.
With the ability to achieve results of high quality profile, Busnelli proposes a wide range of models playing a style of sophisticated design, high quality, image and research from the deep seats and cozy, a casual elegance and accessible.The quality is still guaranteed today by the Busnelli production process completely done inside the factory, the only Italian company in this sector with internal process of carpentry, fabric cutting, sewing and packaging, according to artisan processes that emphasize attention to detail and finish, but taking advantage of the opportunities of industrial production.
The production combines tradition and technology, craftsmanship and industrialization, and the exuberance of the manual cutting of the leather and the finest fabrics, combined with the electronic cutting precision, lead to a high quality of manufacturing and strictly MADE IN ITALY.
The Busnelli products are always signed with the silver label.